* New Visa processing fees, * Dollar endorsement facilities are available at Gulshan & Chittagong Branch from 10:30 am to 01:00 pm, * Please note that the Visa processing fee is non-refundable, * The applicant is personally responsible for the accuracy of all information provided in the visa application * Any mistake in the visa application form may result in denial of acceptance of your visa application * Kindly provide your latest photograph (not more than 3 months old) with the application * Applicant should only apply for the category of visa he or she wishes to visit India for - 1. Please note that medical treatment, except in emergency cases, is not allowed on tourist visa; 2. Applicant seeking regular and pre-arranged medical treatment should apply for medical visa only; 3. Persons desirous of visiting India on business should apply for business visa only; * Applicants would be held personally liable for submission of fake documents * Mere acceptance of the application form does not entitle you for a Visa. Visas could be denied at any time without assigning any reason * Do not pay bribe. In case anyone asks for a bribe, please bring it to the notice of duty manager immediately * Only 2 medical attendants are allowed with the patient * Please send us your suggestions/complaints/comments through the Suggestion Box or email to visahelp@hcidhaka.org
Restricted or Protected Areas

What is restricted or protected area?

There are certain places/regions in India that are designated as Restricted or Protected Areas to which access is limited and requires a special permit. For details about Protected Area Permits (PAP)/Restricted Area Permits (RAP), click here: mha1.nic.in/foreigDiv/PAP.html.

Please note that in partial modification of current procedure, the entire area of the State of Manipur, Mizoram and Nagaland from the protected areas regime notified under the Foreigners (Protected Areas) Order, 1958, for a further period of 2 (two) years beyond 31 December, 2013.

Visa applicants who wish to visit a restricted/protected area are required to fill an additional form that can be downloaded here. The processing of such applications can take up to 15 days and, in some cases, even longer.

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